5 Ways to Measure Social Media Customer Service

As with any marketing and/or social media effort, it’s critical to set your objectives and create related metrics to assess your success. Here are five metrics to help you monitor integrating social media into your customer service delivery.

  1. Number of interactions. Track the number of fans and followers. Bear in mind you may need to entice consumers with special deals and bonuses. Additionally, understand how each platform works and how to be part of the community, or your actions will backfire.
  2. Number of issues identified and responded to. In addition to participating in the conversation on your website and tailored company outposts like Twitter and Facebook, use brand monitoring tools to find and reply to consumer issues.
  3. Content creation. Track the amount of content that users contribute in terms of ratings and reviews, social media interactions, photographs, videos, and other formats.
  4. Sales. Measure sales related to your social media customer service efforts. Have they contributed to your overall sales? Are these efforts helping customers decide what to purchase and do they contribute in a positive way to your brand association and company revenues?
  5. Customer service resources. Consider these three important elements. Are you reducing customer service inquiries via other channels? Social media translates to a lower cost channel in many cases. Are you allocating customer service headcount appropriately? Do you have enough people assigned to each channel? Also, monitor for increased usage as this channel becomes more efficient. People who didn’t want to deal with customer service may do so on social media.

A good CRM solution can enable you to track these metrics by allowing you to:

  1. Create  custom fields in your customer’s profile to capture their usernames/profile  in Linkedin Facebook, Twitter etc.  You can then update  and keep track of interactions with your customers in your CRM system.
  2. You may also set up a link within your CRM system to a social media monitoring tool such as Social Mention to monitor your brand name, product or service.
  3. By creating a Marketing Campaign linked to your Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter page, you can track how many Potentials Sales/Opportunities came  from these Social Media tools.

Social media has changed how consumers and companies view customer service. Now, customer service fulfills a variety of different functions including enhancing your marketing. Is your firm ready to meet these new opportunities?

Reference: http://www.clickz.com/clickz/column/2027223/integrate-customer-service-social-media-marketing